sex w me... try it sometime.

happy sunday! wow what a week (rip muhammad ali). :(

I start a new job tomorrow and am so excited (and still recovering from my previous job) and the new gig is fancy and nice and cool and has air conditioning and I won't have to call the police on people urinating in the stairwell AND there is cherry coke ON TAP for FREE in the break room. fuck, I'm rich! $$$

let's start (end?) this week with a real bonkers diaperbaby of the day. have a seat in your hammock and get your iced tea ready, cuz this one is a doozy.

so the woman who submitted these screenshots explained that she met this hump on tinder and had an incredibly tumultuous 2 month relationship with this diaperbaby that still hasn't completely sizzled because he likes to pop up and say hello just when she starts to forget about him (FUN). he pulls just about every stunt in the book. manipulation, guilt, gaslighting, sends stupid meme to make light of abuse... the usual. she runs a busy restaurant and he is angry that she is busy, um, working at her job (db: BUT WHAT AB ME!). he seems nice.

this is just a teeny peek of their short relationship and it gives me so. much. anxiety. !

diaperbaby flips from being sweet and flattering to abusive and self-pitying within like, one fourth of a screenshot. it's a lot to take in. the strangest bit of background information the submitter told me is that the diaperbaby tried to guilt her to spend time with him because he was in an emotional state on account of his dad trying to stab him with the horn of an animal (?). like, what.

almost being stabbed by the horn of an animal is awful but so is using your abuse to guilt and manipulate the person you are abusing to care for and spend time with you. not today, satan!

somewhere in the ether, a boner deflates.

yeah. just a whole lot of NOPE. send us your screenshots and unsolicited dick pics!