r u single or wut

it #diaperbaby of the day! 

backstory: the submitter had unfriended and deleted this well-connected diaperbaby and his contact info because this diaperbaby notoriously runs the gamut of creepy --- predator in his behavior towards women (and men) and takes lots of liberties in being unapologetically handsy.

after months of zero contact and in the wake of posting drunken wine bar photos with his current girlfriend, this upstanding diaperbaby sent the following exchange:

db: I c ur having marital problems what up oh u don't remember me LOL so how abouts it drinks or what look I'm not going to waste my time if ur still giving it a shot with ur ex SUCK MY DICK OR WUT boner not going to suck itself lol but seriously why r u waste my time

special shout out to 'i can't tell from your facebook THAT I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN DELETED...' lol