snack u with my cock

SPECIAL DOUBLEDOSE OF DIAPERBABY! the fem rag lit mag facebook page blew past 1,000 'likes' today so to celebrate, here is a second #diaperbabyoftheday!

I don't like to double down on diaperbabies, I like to give people time to cool their loins because let's face it these diaperbabies are nothing but pure SEX. it is hump day, though, so let's go crazy.

I have been sitting on this submission for over a week because it is soooo funny. the submitter explained she had maybe 3 screenshots TOTAL worth of conversation with this hump. he gets right to it I guess.

how embarrassing is it that "do you want my meat?" was a) a thing that was said and b) met with a non-response and he STILL followed it up with a casual "what's up?" answer: so fucking embarrassing. I died.

but the winner of this post is the ultimate typo of 'snack' instead if 'smack.' I am not one to police typos but if you are going to brazenly state that you would like to smack a very aggressively uninterested stranger in the ass with your cock, perhaps check for hilarious typos first, BRUH.


 womp womp.

womp womp.


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