I almost got ran over so dude man could cat-call me lol

I have been thinking a lot about cat-calling ever since a friend posted that she loves being cat-called and appreciates men noticing her (not touching that). I could write endless words on this. for one, it's not even really about paying someone a compliment. it's a power play. men are letting you know they see you as an object. I am not so easily offended that I whip out a knife and start slashing throats if a stranger tells me they like my dress, or that I look pretty, or w...ow o wow wish you were my babe. mostly I smile or ignore or thank them because I am terrified that if I get mouthy I will pay for it and am just not good in general at combating this stuff irl. but the notion that men, or anyone, are entitled to tell you what they think of your appearance is problematic.

Q: but wahh how will I ever meet a gf to making my babbies if I don't harass women on the street?

A: this is a very good question! lol jk you're a dope plz stop talking.

I understand that cat-calls can run the spectrum from "cool shoes" to "cool shoes may I put this D in ur butt now?" and some are less bad than others but at this point I am tired and reject all of it. that doesn't make me uptight. makes me sick of your shit. why should I give a fuck if you think I am nice looking and feel boner tingles for me. spoiler alert: no one cares. I see pretty people all the damn time and sometimes (rare) I see people I would like to wiener touch with but I do not vomit my sex vibes onto those people because I am a nice girl and do what nice girls do (do not make eye contact/do not acknowledge the person's existence/bury face into my lap to avoid burdening anyone with my wants/stalk them online).

I get cat-called p much everyday of my life but more so in the summertimez probz on account of my nice butt (jk! could be leaking intestines and still would get cat-called. "hey yo I see that you have ten feet of intestine roping out of your anus but DAMN U R FINE") and people are feeling frisky in the heat and today it struck me how fucking annoying this is and needs to stop.

TO THE MAN WHO STOPPED HIS MINIVAN ABRUPTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF PULASKI DURING PEAK TRAFFIC TIMEZ CAUSING MULTIPLE CARS BEHIND HIM TO BRAKE QUICKLY ALL SO THAT HE COULD TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AND HONK AND SAY 'HEY': I am unsure what you expected me to do in the moment you nearly caused a massive car wreck to gawk at my body and tell me you like it. I was so flattered that I considered dropping my belongings, climbing in the passenger window, actually I floated in through the passenger window on account of being so impressed, and immediately start sucking that dick. I considered it but then I continued my walk home and made a $6 frozen pizza that I ate by myself while my animals watched greedily.