fem rag lit mag is a low-budget feminist garbage zine. chronicling incidents of casual misogyny and the normalization of casually abusive behaviors women experience daily is highly imperative in our mission as a press. fem rag is an all-inclusive feminist press that aims to give a platform to female/non-binary gender conforming artists. any loaded language or rhetoric is a reaction aimed at the cis, hetero men who find it in their hearts to constantly bombard us with photos of their penises and unwanted compliments and come-ons. here's to (castrating) the patriarchy!

volume 1: bless my hairy butt
-release date: september 1, 2016

volume 2: vagina dentata

volume 3: I didn't ask to be born


based in chicago. founded & edited by diddle knabb. 

fem rag lit mag will also be accepting screenshots of your best harassments and gratuitous sexual advances to use online and in print. there is no deadline for these submissions and will be accepted forever as long as there is internet, as sexism knows no bounds.


q: okay but for real, do you really hate all men. 
a: yes all men must die

q: but not all men are bad
a: I hate all men they must die

q: do you hate boners
a: yes I hate all men they and their boners must die

q: but you have a son
a: he will one day be a walking boner I hate all men they must die

q: but how will be reproduce if not for boners? what will happen to civilization?
a: all men must die

q: can men submit to your magazine?
a: yes

q: that's hypocritical
a: yeah but all men will be dead so how will they submit. got u good.

q: are you aware that men get harassed?
a: no I was not aware of that all men must die

q: do you really think misandry is the answer?
a: I thought about it and all men must die.

q: have you considered being less vulgar?
a: I have not valar morghulis all men must die


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